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We have extensive licensed expertise and experience with new construction and remodels on residential and commercial buildings.  Click the blue link above for more information.
Our team is ready to assist new, existing and future clients with any questions you may have.  Click the grey link above to get in touch.  
We specialize in licensed, professional solar installations customized to fit your needs. We use American made materials with 25 year warranties. Click the green link above for more information.  


Jim Tyler Construction + Solar is a progressive and unique construction company. In addition to being a full service remodel, new construction, and renovation contractor, we have expanded our education and licensing to include energy conservation, energy retrofits, artificial landscaping and solar!  We are proud of our quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and ingenuity.

Jim Tyler Construction and Solar specializes in cutting your utility bills down to nothing.  With our quotes and service you have no reason not to switch to solar.  We use quality American made material backed by an industry leading 25 year warranty, we know how important the right product choice is when investing into your home and future.  We can even get you a 30% tax credit on your purchase for helping California use clean energy!  Solar Saves you Money!  If you are interested in hearing more please don’t hesitate to call for a free quote! (559)592-0200

Did you know California supports using clean energy?  They give a 30% state tax credit on your solar contract price..you won’t get that from a lease!
We offer a $250 referral program, for each client you refer that purchases a photovoltaic system with us, we give you $250, it’s that simple.  Call us for more information.
Numbers Never Lie!  Let us figure out how much you can save by switching to solar, we can get you an estimate in as little as one business day.  Fill out an online quote request or give us a call.

Had a great experience! Very professional.
Sara Klein